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Now you can get more safety in prepress and printing for less money.

The DigiDens TR densitometer generation for a simple but precise measurement of densities and percentages in reflection and transmission mode:
for shorter preparation and less waste ...

for a brilliant printing result.

DigiDens - Buttons
M = Measurement
C = Calibration
P = On/Off
and further functions
The DigiDens TR densitometers are compact, precise, of little power consumption and the three button interface is easy to operate. They contain a large display to show more information, and are robust, maintenance free, reliable and use long lasting light sources.

The DigiDens TR densitometers are battery (or accu) driven hand held measuring devices and fit almost into any pocket. The optional light stand LT6 converts the device into a precise table top unit for an independent use from other light tables. A serial interface RS232 to connect to any computer (PC, MAC, ...) is optional.

DigiDens T6R

Digidens T6R
   DigiDens T6R
B/W Densitometer for films, paper and most printing plates, measuring densities and percentages.

DigiDens T6R - a hand held unit for b/w measurement. Measures up to more than density 5.5 (depending on the brightness of the light table you use) or percentages in transparent and refletive mode.
In both of the modes, you see the density and the percentage simultaneously on the display to avoid annoying mode switching. In the parameter select mode you can modify parameters to adjust the device to your needs (e.g. Yule-Nielsen factor, slope, ...)
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DigiDens T6RL

Digidens T6RL
   DigiDens T6RL
B/W Densitometer with light source. The light source table complements the DigiDens T6R to a precise table top densitometer for densities up to D 6. No more searching for a bright, suitable and stable light spot on your light table.

DigiDens T6RL - a table top unit for high precision film measurement with an excellent repeatability. The long lasting light source has an instant light stability (light tubes in light tables need about 20 minutes to supply constant light). The light source stand can be operated with AC-connection or internal accu. Of course reflective media furthermore can be measured.
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DigiDens T6CR

Digidens T6CR
   DigiDens T6CR
Color Densitometer for films, paper and plates.

State of the art technology for a precise measurement of color reflective media. The density range is more than D 2.5. The repeatability is better than D 0.01. The display values are switchable between density, percentages and color differences (dE).
As a unique feature this color densitometer can measure b/w films in transmission mode like the DigiDens T6R does.

DigiDens T6CR - a hand held unit for color reflective and b/w transparent media, e.g. to determine the densities and percentages on color control patches of printed sheets or color differences between different printing sheets.

In the color reflective mode 5 different display variations depending on your needs can be activated:

  1. Display of the dominant color, suitable for control field measurements in the pure printing colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
  2. Display of percentages in the pure printing colors.
  3. Display of all color components (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) of the measured color.
  4. Display of the differences per color component related to a reference color component previously measured and stored. This mode is used to compare the currently measured density component to a reference.
  5. Display of a color space distance value. This mode displays a value describing a distance dE in the CIE-Lab color space between the reference color and the current color. The distance is an indicator for the similarity of these two colors. This measurement also can be done on mixed colors.
Display mode 1, 2 and 4 auto select the dominant color.

New features:
- Measuring of positive and negative plates in density and percentage.
- Separate Yule-Nielsen factors for each printing color.
- Option to switch off the auto selection of the dominant color.
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DigiDens T6CRS

The DigiDens T6CR is available with a serial interface as DigiDens T6CRS.


  DigiDens T6R DigiDens T6RL DigiDens T6CR
  Transparent b/w
  Single or continous measurement X X X
  Displaying density and percentage in different configurations
D&% %&D % D D&-% -%&D -% ('-' -> negative)
  Sensitivity adjustment X X X
  Slope adjustment X X X
  Dot gain adjustment X X X
  Reflective b/w
  Single measurement X X
  Displaying density and percentage in different configurations
D&% / %&D / % / D / D&-% / -%&D / -%
('-' -> negative (100 - %))
  Paper adjustment
Yule-Nielsen / Murray-Davies
  Slope adjustment X X
  Dot gain adjustment X X
  Reflective color
  Single measurement or reference storage X
  Displaying density and percentage in different configurations
dominant D / dominant % / all D / D difference / color difference (similiar to dE)
  Automatic or preselected dominant color
negative %
(Useful for measuring printing plates)
  Paper adjustment separately for CMYK each
Yule-Nielsen / Murray-Davies
  Slope adjustment separately for CMYK each X
  Dot gain adjustment X
       Functions change without notice

Technical Data

  DigiDens T6R DigiDens T6RL DigiDens T6CR
  Density range b/w transparent > 5.5 D > 6 D > 5.0 D
  Repeatability density b/w transparent ± 0.01 D (D < 5) ± 0.005 D ± 0.01 D (D < 5)
  Deviation percentage b/w transparent ± 0.5 % ± 0.5 % ± 0.5 %
  Density range b/w reflective > 2.5 D > 2.5 D > 2.5 D
  Repeatability density b/w reflective ± 0.01 D (D < 2) ± 0.01 D (D < 2) ± 0.01 D (D < 2)
  Deviation percentage b/w reflective ± 0.5 % ± 0.5 % ± 0.5 %
  Density color reflective     > 2.5 D
  Repeatability density color reflective     ± 0.01 D (D < 2)
  Deviation percentage color reflective     ± 0.5 %
  Polarization filter - - 2 x linear
  Number of measurements per battery set Transparent mode approx. 200,000 approx. 200,000 approx. 200,000
  Reflective mode approx. 100,000 approx. 100,000 approx. 50,000
  Type of batteries 3 x 1.5 V 3 x 1.5 V 3 x 1.5 V
  Type of accus 3 x 1.2 V 3 x 1.2 V 3 x 1.2 V
  Orderable diameter of measuring spot
(not changeable)(standard size in bold)
2.5 / 3.3 / 4.0 mm 2.5 / 3.3 / 4.0 mm 2.5 / 3.3 mm
       Technical changes without notice


DigiDens L - a light source for upgrading the T6R, T6CR and T6CRS.


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